Ricky Owens

Content Creator & Cyber Security Nerd

About Me:

Hello everyone! My name is Ricky, also known as FireMonkey on social media. I have been teaching myself how to code along with working with organizations such as Nextech, and helped code programs such as FModel in order to learn more about coding. Currently I understand quite a bit about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, C++, Python, and HEX Code. Recently I've started to have an increased interest in the Cyber Security field, and i'm currently pursuing a certificate for CompTIA Security+ and a certificate for Ethical Hacking before I complete highschool in May.

Quick Facts:

  • I have never rode a bike or had coffee.
  • I am honestly not a picky person at all, and will even accept pineapple on pizza.
  • I stand at a strong 6'4'' feet tall, allowing me to see over the crowds at conventions.
  • I suck at learning a new language but I am quite the expert at using Google Translate.
  • I love the color Spearmint Green and have even memorized the RGB & Hex values for it.


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