Cube Countdown!

It's been a fun ride everyone but the Cube has reached it's destination.
I'm glad I was able to work with my friend Silox in order to make this countdown possible.
I love you all. - Sudanym

What Is This Cube?

This Cube had spawned in on the 24th of August due to a lighting storm, It uses the power of the Hop Rocks to move around the map, making Hop Rock Magnetic Fields and leaving behind glyphs. This website is made to track the cubes movements!

The Cube Didn't Move?!

Reason 1: When the cube is printing a Rune, it takes 24 hours to complete.

Reason 2: In SOME games, the cube glitches out and just doesn't move.

Reason 3: The cube could have changed the speed of which it moves.